Our hearts desire to belong. We need to watch with what we fill that space in our hearts. The belonging that will complete us comes from Our Creator.

When I was in school I often felt like I was an outsider. As an only child who was not allowed to be “out” after school, I did not have much time to learn the ropes on being a friend and belonging to a group of friends. We moved so many times that after a while I did not work at beginning friendships because my heart had been wounded so many times at leaving friends that I had just met. When beginning at another new school, I was sized up by the others in the classroom and I felt alone and isolated. Finally, a breakthrough came. One girl made an effort to smile at me and I dared to smile back. A new beginning again. A sense of belonging.

As years went by, the friendship blossomed and continued. I had other friends who came into my life and my “belonging” to others expanded and expanded.

When a crises came and caused an emotional trauma, all those who were in my “belonging” group tried to comfort me, but I found that again I felt isolated and alone in my center. I tried prayer and felt that I was somewhat comforted. I reached for more comfort. And I reached again and again. I felt something was happening in my center that was different from anything I had experienced before.

I had reached to God and He showed me that He is with me, available always. The reality came clear to me that even in my most lonely moments, He was near. My Father gave me more than I anticipated. He gave me Jesus, His Son. Jesus showed me that He understands lonliness and isolation. He showed me that He came to change the end result of all that pain. He died for me, for you. The change that He accomplished is that when we call out to Our Father and Jesus, the Holy Spirit holds us and comforts us. Through the graces given by God, I knew where I belonged. This was a different understanding of belonging than what I had known earlier.

This belonging was a love that was so deep and welcoming and comforting and renewing. This belonging changed me gently. I realized that I was stronger than I expected to be. I learned that I had more courage, more love, more peace, more understanding for another, more desire for spiritual life, more  joy, and more and more and more of all that is holy and good.

The Giver of all that is good is calling us to “belong” to Him. Let us choose to belong to Him and He to us. We are home. We are home where we belong.

Copyright 2011 Gloria Winn


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