God is with us! Manna!

The words “God is with us” are announced at Christmas and these words bring me such comfort. These words are true all year long, even through Lent. I am stirred in my spirit with tenderness and love in response to these words. God is always with us. Am I always with Him? Sometimes. I am a sinner and unable to be perfect in my focus and desire and prayer to be with God. I am able to be present to Him, for Him, only by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am humbled and I recognize that I cannot do this in my own power or desire. Only as I recognize how powerless I am, I see my poverty. But I have hope. God is with us! God is with me. God being with me gives me the thirst and desire to be with Him. When I reach to Him and ask Him for mercy and grace to be with Him, He gently floods my spirit and I am renewed and refreshed. This is like manna in the desert and I need to come to Him daily for this new “manna” so my spirit will flourish and grow. As I receive Him, I am changed every so subtly but nevertheless different than before this “manna” filled me. Come Lord Jesus!

Copyright 2012 Gloria Winn



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