Tears, to be released in May

Glory to God! After two years of tearful writing, soul searching, prayerfully listening to God and myself, this book will finally be published. The background to this book started soon after I was healed from grieving for 18 years. When I shared my story with another person, they often commented that they changed in their grieving. They told me that their grieving had lessened. When this happened several times with different people, I began to wonder whether the story should be put into a book form. When I shared this with my spiritual director, he encouraged me to put it on paper and thus the process began.

As I wrote, I received many graces from God. You see, in school, I was told many times by teachers that I have no imagination, no creativity. They said that it was a waste of time to do a composition because I would not pass. I felt so incompetent regarding writing that even to write a journal page is “work.” But, here I was, trying to be obedient and honoring God, writing this story. When I wrote on my own steam, the thoughts and words did not flow. However; when I prayed first and then wrote, the words came easily. It was truly a lesson of grace.

I hope you will read this book and receive whatever graces God has for you in the pages.

Tears has received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.

Tears will be available through Amazon in paperback and e-kindle formats.

I will let you know when it is available for sale.

May God be glorified!

Blessings, Gloria


3 thoughts on “Tears, to be released in May

  1. Congratulations Gloria. I so look forward to reading your book. I am so proud to know you and that God has put you along my life path.
    z Namy Boh! Fr. Deacon Jim Nakonechny

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